28.02 2017 12:39h

How to use Facebook Stories to grow your personal brand

Facebook stories, Brands

Facebook has recently unveiled plans to launch Facebook Stories, the feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat.

The social platform is still in its testing stages, with a launch for Ireland planned this week, but here are 5 ways to use this new feature to increase your visibility online.

  1. Use the feature to share stories and events in real time. Just like you would on Snapchat, Facebook Stories will allow you to interact with your audience differently, allowing you to share a story or promote content either from your own blog or elsewhere.
  2. Facebook Stories has incorporated frames and filters (much like Snapchat), which allow you to draw in the much coveted millennials. This group can draw in a crowd you should be targeting, allowing you to increase your visibility greatly.
  3. It’s a little unsure as of now how the app will allow users to view Stories on their desktop, but much like Instagram, Facebook Stories will appear at the top of your page, allowing you to utilize this feature by creating original and varied content that is very hard to miss.
  4. Your followers are always going to look for the human element behind your posts so vary your posts and allow your viewers a behind the scenes access into your office or HQ. Again, Facebook Stories is a great way to generate content that is new and varied, and will draw in audiences – new and old.
  5. Instagram takeovers are guaranteed to bring in new followers to your social page. Invite an influencer participate in a take-over and Facebook Stories would be a great way to engage with audience while offering new and fresh content from another perspective.


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