28.02 2017 12:41h

Facebook Now Lets You Live Stream From Your Desktop

You don't even the Facebook app or a functioning camera...

Social Media is an ever changing landscape, with fads coming and going. However, it seems live streaming is here to stay with Facebook recently unveiling plans to allow live streaming from laptop and desktop webcams. Essentially, this means that Facebook Pages now can broadcast an event or a launch in real time.

This initiative comes as Facebook’s move to update the way content creators and publishers upload their content, while monetising their video offerings

The update also allows admins to appoint “Live Contributors”, individuals who have the ability to have more access and can be more hands-on while managing a page. Media outlets and publications collectively breathe a sigh of relief as the old version didn’t allow for multiple editors, as these contributors can post Live Streams on behalf of the Page.

Previously, Live Streaming required a mobile phone with a functioning camera app and Facebook app. However, the new functionality can be used by desktop webcams and inbuilt laptop computers and will allow users more access to other profiles, as well as behind-the-scenes access.

This new functionality can be used effectively by brands looking to grow and improve their image or even influencers who can regularly upload content such as vlogs, in a similar fashion to various other platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Tracking impressions and engagements are an important component of anything we do online. To that end, Facebook will allow profiles with followers of up to 5,000 and more to access insights for their live and regular videos. This includes views, comments, shares and reactions. Visitors of Pages will be able to find all their live streams under one consolidated location, allowing them to view all live streams in one go.


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