28.02 2017 12:49h

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Brands working with Media Companies

A few key things to watch out for...
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Create and Nurture:

Effectively use social media and influencers to create and tell a story that is relatable and appeals to a wide range of people over different demographics. Spend time to create a story with a beginning a progression and an end, allowing your campaign a chance to succeed and prosper.

Create Chapters and Sub-Chapters:

Creating an effective campaign requires attention to detail and fresh content. Content must be delivered through a variety of mediums, and should include a good mix of pictures, videos, polls and even user generated content. Brands should create long lasting relationships with influencers who have the ability to draw in crowds by the thousands.

Be Transparent:

Brands won’t get anywhere if they aren’t entirely transparent – much like the news publications today. If audiences lose your trust, it can be very hardtop recover and it is important to be legitimate.

Be Passionate:

Along with transparency, brands need to stick to what they truly believe in, while remembering that there is a fine line between authenticity and publicity. With social media and influencers, it is important to find the human element behind the product, cause or campaign that you are trying to sell. Remember, people want to be able to relate to something they’re expected to feel strongly about and if you aren’t able to feel that yourselves, it’s a lost cause.


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