28.02 2017 14:33h

The Iconic Nokia 3310 Has Returned

The adored noughties handset is back and better than ever
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Remember the cult-classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone?  Ubiquitous among schoolkids of the nineties for its ease of use, easy texting capabilities and (unlike every other handset at the time) for being smaller than most science textbooks. It also had a ludicrously long battery life and immortalised the game, Snake.

Well, the good news for nostalgic types is that Nokia has recently announced its plans to bring back the 3310, with a few contemporary updates. 

So, what can we expect? For starters, the new version will be available in an improved size and weight, available in glossy red or yellow, as well as the classic grey and dark blue shade, like the old-school version from yesteryear.

There are some structural changes to the device too, with Nokia choosing to add a ‘call’ and ‘end call’ buttons. Users will also probably notice that the large blue button synonymous with the old phone no longer exist.

Die-hard 3310 fans will be able to purchase the updated mobile later this year, and the handset being positioned as a ‘fun’ alternative option, either to be used as a second phone for millennials or perhaps to appeal to those who can no longer stand the sight of their smartphone. 

Although the Nokia won’t offer some of the apps or functionalities we’re used to with our iPhones and Androids, the new Nokia allegedly promises a battery life that lasts a month.

That's a LOT of Snake. 


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