02.03 2017 11:51h


A look at the new Facebook initiative that aims to enable opportunities for women

Facebook’s new initiative #SHEMEANSBUSINESS hopes to enable opportunities for 10,000 women in the Middle Eastern region and Northern Africa by 2018.

Launched by Facebook, #SHEMEANSBUSINESS hopes to train women entrepreneurs on various skill sets including how to grow and leverage their online presence for their businesses. This is a global program that hopes to train and inspire women on the ways to use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as a means to launch and kick-start their business while growing their brands.

#SHEMEANSBUSINESS also hopes to bring forward the various achievements and triumphs of women entrepreneurs and to display how social media can be a tool to help them grow and connect with others.

The initiative will offer a series of online resources, training sessions, and workshops required to grow and nurture their businesses online.

In the past, #SHEMEANSBUSINESS has seen various success stories across the region, and hopes to reach new heights. According to Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA at Facebook, “with 152 million people accessing Facebook every month, and 63 million on Instagram, SMBs can directly reach existing customers and find new ones simply because this is where people are spending their time. #SHEMEANSBUSINESS will guide women business owners on how to do so.”

In the past, Facebook has partnered with various regional organizations in the hopes of offering expertise and support to women while providing various practical support.


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