02.03 2017 12:06h

How YouTube is making your life easier

Are the days of fiddly manual rewinding over?
YouTube, Update, Vlogging

Have you ever been watching a really captivating YouTube video on your phone and missed a few crucial seconds of it, distracted by an inane whatsapp message or annoying request from your manager to ‘do some work.’ And sure, while you can always manually rewind the video, it never quite skips the exact spot, and you find yourself re-watching the whole video over again.

Yes we realize this is absolutely a first world problem, but bear with us.

YouTube’s new feature now lets you skip backwards and forwards within ten second intervals, making it easier rewind and re-watch the clip. This can be achieved by double tapping the right tap and left hand sides of the video clip. Thereby ensuring you never miss a second of those ‘Cats terrified of cucumbers’ videos.

If you’ve ever found yourself listening to a really great track, but have to stop to answer an important text, why not try opening Safari on your phone and access YouTube through the mobile webpage. Pick a song or a video you want to watch, and press the home button. Although this will stop the music, swiping up and accessing the Control Centre, while pressing play will allow your phone to recognize the song as one from your library, allowing for uninterrupted listening.

What a time to be alive. 


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