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8 of Instagram's Rich Kids

From the Middle East and beyond...
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8.  Boasting more bling than a Jay Z video, @vvs_ali's profile is a jewel-encrusted homage to expensive watches supercars and the odd gold plate pile up.

Your jeweler #vvsali

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7. Almost ever rich kid of Instagram has an impressive fleet of luxury motors. Some of them, like our friend here, will have lions. Middle East-based @Humaidalbuqaish has both. 

مساء الخير يا أهل الخير

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6. Shyam Savani ( or @insta_shyam as he's better known) isn't a kid per se, but his Insta feed earns a place here just for its wow-factor.  Highlights include jet-setting around the world before hopping in incredible cars, hanging out with celebrities and enjoying awesome-looking parties. Not that we're envious.

Behind the scenes at the #MostStylishMenMiddleEast feature shoot for @omanmagazineofficial

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5. The latest sneakers are the coveted prize of millions around the world. When a new Nike shoe or a pair of Yeezys drop, it’s safe to assume there will be lines around the block, and the sneaker king can probably be found at the front. This #RichKidOfInstagram loves to wear the best kicks around and even works out in Versace clothes.

Stained glass, pure art 28.08.2K15

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4. A lot of rappers will have an entourage. But if you’re Money Kicks  @rsbelhasa, your entourage is made up of rappers. This young aspiring fashion designer and his pet tiger hang with them all the time. While he's not the first member of this list to champion a tiger selfie, he certainly is the first to have one while chilling with rap star Tyga, as well. 

TB with @kinggoldchains #mydubai#monykicks#tyga

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3. If you ever meet @falasii in real life, be sure to check out his awesome cars made for driving in the desert. Who said you can’t adventure in style?

2. You know you’re doing well in life when you arrive at places via helicopter. Just ask Serbian pop star @karleusastar. This is her checking into Dubai's Atlantis hotel.

#boss @karleusastar #richkidsofdubai #richkids #mydubai #luxury #thegoodlife #thefablife #thedream

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1. And finally, we’ve got @nazbynaz. We’ve seen tigers, the best cars, yachts, helicopters, private jets, and insane fashion. But even rich kids have to hydrate. @nazbynaz made headlines when he and his friends racked up a $132,000 bill at a club in St. Tropez. I hope tip was included.

#nikkibeach #sainttropez #restaurant #goodjob #monkey #yes #rich #poor #nice #france #south #follower #followme

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