14.03 2017 14:33h

7 Of The Most Bizarre Mobile Apps

Because there's an answer for all of life’s problems in the app store.
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We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that.” But what about the abnormal ones? What if I can’t remember where my car was parked, and I’d like to be reminded in a pirate’s voice? Well, then I’d just download Carr Matey.

You get the picture.

Here are 10 of the most ludicrous apps we could find. You might just be surprised how many you download afterward.

7) Spirit Story Box – Ghost Hunting Tool
Who knew your phone had the technological capacity to communicate with the paranormal? This app allows to the user to understand what the ghosts around him or her are saying at that moment. No refunds if you don't like the 'murmurings'.

6) Cat Game
This one got massive attention from big media outlets such as Wired UK, and the New York Times. But, in essence, it’s just a laser on your screen that fascinates and occupies your cat. But wait, users can also purchase a mouse to run around the screen. That’s right, people are paying for an app – for their cats.

5) Annoy – A –Teen
After around the age of 40 our ears are unable to hear certain high pitch frequencies. So when your kids are being bratty, this app omits the most annoying sound that you can’t hear but will drive them nuts. No child is missing curfew again with this app. 

4) Pimp My Ultrasound
Exactly what it sounds like. This app allows you to take a picture of your child’s ultrasound, drop some swag on that baby and send it to all of your friends. 

3) Fake – An - Excuse
The developer of this app deserves an award. Any of them. All of them. If ever you've found yourself on a phone call with someone who always just talks way too much or you need a reason to hang up without drawing suspicion about where you are, this app is for you. Fake – An – Excuse allows the user to choose an of a host of excuses while on a call and play sounds that correspond with your story. Bravo. 

2) Cry Translator
Ever wish you could understand exactly what your baby means when they are crying? Look no further. Cry Translator interprets it for you. That being said if you are solely relying on this app to raise your child…that’s hilarious, keep it up.

1) Run and Pee      
No film aficionado one likes to interrupt their cinema going experience with a bathroom break. But movies these days are long, and big cups of Coke are cheap, so what can you do? Well, with this nifty little thing, next time you're at the movie theater and need to briefly excuse yourself during the film, simply open this app that tells you when the best time to go is and you can even keep track of the film dialogue while you're gone. Game-changing.


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