15.11 2017 14:35h

Influencer Marketing Reaches Record Highs in the UAE

Local survey showcases the rising power of branded social media content
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We've heard Logan Paul say it, we've heard local content creators say it, and in case you need to hear it from the industry professionals, here it is.
Influencer marketing, it seems, won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

New research uncovered by the BPG Cohn & Wolfe Influencers Survey (in association with YouGov) shows that using social media influencers to drive consumer brand awareness has reached “record highs” within the UAE - especially for those marketers trying to target millennials. 

Data from the survey shows that many marketers within the region are currently working with social media influencers. Almost all are engaging with influencers during their marketing campaigns benefits their brand in some way. 

“Brands are now, more than ever before, relying on creative new ways to tell their story . . . and are using social media influencers as a key part of their overall marketing strategy,” Avi Bhojani, BPG Group CEO,  said. “The findings from our survey reveal that a majority of consumer brands in the UAE believe that they can reach the right target audience if they work with social media influencers.”

Influencer Agencies Have A Role To Play

Many marketers disclosed that they're working with agencies and networks, when trying to source an influencer for a campaign.

“Almost half of all brands . . . said they have appointed agencies to manage social media influencers,” Taghreed Oraibi, BPG Cohn & Wolfe PR Director said.

Therefore, brands are more likely to work with influencers that are formally represented by agencies.

Marketers Are Willing To Spend

The survey also proved that budgets for social media marketing are growing. It was disclosed that marketers will spend anywhere between US$ 1000-10,000 per social media influencer campaign in the UAE. Some marketers are open to spending up to US$50,000 on a single social media influencer campaign.

Check out the infographic below for more of an insight

Brands Want To Find The Right Fit.

Some of the biggest challenges marketers are facing when working with influencer are finding the right ones for their marketing campaign. Overall, they’re keen to work with influencers that are popular in the community, have a large following and create appealing content.

What Does This Mean For Marketers, Brands & Influencers?

Essentially, if marketers haven’t started working with influences, they should start asap.

Influencers, in return, should be taking themselves seriously. If they aren’t already formally represented by an agency or network, they should start looking into their options – all while creating excellent, quality content.

But one thing is for sure: influencer marketing is only growing in popularity. And it's here to stay in the UAE.