19.11 2017 14:55h

Facebook Launches its new Creator App

New app gives creators the tools to make the best possible content
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Watch Out, Youtube. Facebook is trying to snag your vloggers.

If you haven't heard of it yet, you probably will very soon.

Facebook Creator is the new kid on the block - and we're excited to see what our favourite influencers will do with this new content creating platform.

Enter Facebook Creator.

Last week, Facebook launched the Facebook Creator app.

Clearly, the social media giant is looking to make life easier for video content creators of all levels. The app provides its users with a number of tools to help them create, upload and live stream topknotch video content from their smartphones.

And while Facebook Creator may suspiciously look like a rebranded and updated version of Facebook’s old 2014 Facebook Mentions (an app that was only available to verify public figures on Facebook), the platform's overall goals seems to be helping influencers create the best possible content for their respective Facebook audiences. 

So . . . What's so great about it?

Facebook Creator boasts a handful of interesting features that video creators will certainly enjoy. This includes a Live Creative Kit for adding intros and outros to broadcasts, a unified inbox for Facebook and Instagram comments, enhanced follower engagement tools and much more. At present it’s only offered on iOS, but Facebook says it will be available to Android users in the coming months.  

Facebook has also launched the Facebook for Creators website, a support website and community space for its Facebook Creators users. The website showcases best practices for growing a fan base and the work of other star influencers on the platform. It also has an education page, where users can learn how to make the most of the app as a content creator. Clearly, Facebook is very dedicated to making Facebook Creator as user-friendly as possible.

Overall, Facebook seems determined to provide influencer with the tools they need, to allow them to create excellent video and livestream content for the platform.

Between the Facebook Live customisable features (that include interactive sticks and custom video frame), unified inboxes across Facebook and Instagram, and analytics readily available at a user’s fingertips we suspect many Youtubers will be tempted to try out Facebook Creator.

Would you use Facebook Creator? Have you tried it already? Let us know in the comments below.


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