21.11 2017 16:42h

Enjoy Ranting on Twitter? It Might Get A Whole Lot Easier Soon…

The app is currently testing a new “Tweetstorm” feature for lengthy rants
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If you’re a fan of ranting on social media – and let’s face it, most of us are – Twitter is now working hard to accommodate your lengthy rants.

The microblogging platform is currently testing out a new feature, that they’ve dubbed “tweetstorm”. If it passes the testing stages, it will make ranting on Twitter a whole lot easier.

Essentially, tweetstorm will allow users to write a series of tweet, before posting them all at once (without manually numbering the series).

It’s pretty normal for social media platforms to test our a feature before it goes live, so bear in mind tweetstorm might not make the cut. But with Twitter now allowing up to 280 characters in a tweet, a variety of long format options might be on the horizon.

Twitter is known for taking its users’ common behavior and incorporating it into the app, via a new feature. In the past, it has done this by creating the @reply, retweet feature, and hashtags. So, it’s only a natural step that Twitter would also try to accommodate the needs of angry ranters.

Just don't tell Donald Trump...


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