22.11 2017 01:30h
22.11 2017 01:30h

You Can Now Join Your Friend On Their Instagram Live

We can't wait to see what our favourite influencers will do with this new feature...
by @Laura Andrea Kell

If you’re a fan of Instagram Live, we’ve got great news for you.

You can now allow a second person to join you, when you’re live on Instagram. This new featured just launched today and while it might sound gimmick-y to the average Instagrammer, we’re sure many influencers will be excited to play around with it.

How does the new Instagram Live feature work? It’s pretty straight forward.

If you’re watching someone on Instagram Live and want to join them, tap the “Request” button in the comments section. That person will see your request (in their comments section) and will be able to either add you to their Instagram Live, or cancel your request. If they accept your request (by tapping the “View” button), you will have a few moments to prepare before “going live”. Then, you’re on!

Both users of the feature will have the option to end the dual-livestream whenever they want. If the joiner wants to leave, they can do so at any moment, and the live-streamer can remove any guest whenever they want. Once the stream is over, the user that hosted the live hangout can then choose whether they’d like to share the video in their Instagram stories or discard it.

At the moment, Instagram only supports multi-user live-streaming between two users. And in order to be a guest star on your friend's Instagram, they need to be following you back. This means, you cannot request to be in someone's stream if they aren't following you - which is probably a good thing, 

What Does This Mean For Out Favourite Instagrammers?

We're sure many Instagram influencers will be excited to test out this new feature on Instagram Live. We can see them using it to interview other people, hang out live with other influencers, or virtually “get ready” with their friends before a night out.

Either way, it’s an exciting time to be on Instagram Live.

Would you use this new Instagram Live feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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