27.11 2017 10:39h

Snapchat Has Released New Filters

Can't find them? They can only be unlocked if you snap a particular image...
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Good news for Snapchat fans that love filters.

We know the app is up for a massive revamp soon, so we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Snapchat released new filters last week. 

Because everybody loves new filters, right?!?

Haven’t seen them yet on your Snapchat?

That’s because these new filters are based on image recognition and are only available once you've snap a particular subject. This includes concerts, beaches, pets, sporting events, and food - and there might be more!

If you want to test them out, try snapping a picture of your dog or your dinner. Then, flip through your carousel of filters. At some point, you should come across one specifically for your pooch (“It’s A Pawty!”) or your meal (“What Diet?”).

Or try giving them a go, by snapping a Google image of a beach on your computer screen. You might be able to fool the app into thinking you're actually at the beach, and will be able to use the "Gnarly Swell" filter.

Can't find the new filter?

Don't panic.

If you can't see these new filters, there’s no need to stress – this new feature is still being rolled out to all users.

We expect it will be available to everyone very soon, especially with the hotly-anticipated Snapchat redesign around the corner (the countdown is on!).

Would you use these new image recognition filters? Let us know in the comments below.