03.12 2017 11:46h

Instagram is testing a built-in regram button!

And more new features may be coming our way very soon...
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Third-party Insta reposting apps might be a thing of the past a bit sooner than we expected, with reports coming in claiming that that Instagram is testing  built-in reposting feature.

That’s right, you may soon be able to repost other user’s images without having to log into another app on your smartphone.

According to tech website, thenextweb.com, if this new feature ends up happening (fingers crossed!) the regram “button” will be located to the right of the “Send To” feature on posted images. So when a user regrams a post, others will see it in their timeline (with an indicator telling them who regrammed it).

Ideally, it will look very similar to Twitter’s retweet option.

I think we can all agree that this feature will make reposting other user’s content a lot easier than it currently is - if Instagram chooses to implement it, that is. 

The Next Web also reports that GIFs may soon be coming to Instagram stories (along with a number of other features).

This YouTube video gives us a glance at we might expect to see from the popular photo sharing app in the near future... and it looks pretty exciting.

Either way, Instagram seems to be looking for new ways to keep its users engaged on the platform.

Users can now join other users on Instagram livestreams, and doodle on any images sent to them via the app's direct messenger.

Would you use these new features? Let us know in the comments below.


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