07.12 2017 15:48h

5 things you need to know about VIDXB

Get ready! It’s happening this weekend at the Dubai World Trade Centre...
VIDXB. Youtube, Youtuber, Influencer Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Google

In case you haven’t heard VIDXB is happening this weekend in Dubai.

And what does that mean?

VIDXB is the region's first ever celebration of content creators and online video, championing aspiring and established content creators, media influencers, fan communities, and industry professionals.

And all of your favourite YouTubers will be there, hosting meet and greets at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

If you’re a fan of Mo Vlogs, Lana Rose, Rashed Belhasa (a.k.a. Money Kicks) and others, be sure to join us this Friday and Saturday!

In addition to hanging out with your favourite influencers you can expect some interesting panel talks with industry elites, and interviews with a few major YouTube celebrities.

Here are 5 things you need to know about VIDXB...

1. Casey Neistat will be there...

You probably know him from his most famous YouTube video, "THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT."

Neistat has over 8.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos have been viewed over 1.9 billion times. 

We know, it's crazy. If you're looking for tips to increase your engagement online, we recommend you try attending his talk on Friday.

2....Along with 50+ other influencers and YouTube creators from around the world.

Yes, that's right - even Saygin Yalcin will be there!

3. It’s worthwhile for both industry insiders and creators...

VIDXB isn't just for the fans.

There will be content creation workshops, panel talks, networking opportunities and much more.

Whether you're an aspiring influencer or a media professional, it's definitely worth checking out.

4. And the panel talks will be on a variety of topics.

Everything from "Growing Your YouTube Subscriber Base" to "The Future Of Talent Representation" will be discussed at VIDXB. There's even a talk on "When Can I Quit My Day Job? Becoming A Professional YouTube Creator", in case you're fed-up with your nine-to-five.

Panel speakers will also consist of "people in the know" from Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Buzzfeed will be presenting "In Conversation With Buzzfeed, Andrew Gauthier", and there will be a fireside chat on Friday after with Rob Newlan from Vice Magazine's creative agency, Virtue

5. Did we mention there’s a pretty sweet concert series at the end of each day?

KSI And Conor Maynard will be there performing, in addition to a few other artists.

Overall, it's going to be a pretty epic weekend.

Are you coming to VIDXB this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


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