10.12 2017 14:09h

10 Things We Learned From Facebook and Instagram at VIDXB

Tips from your favorite social media platforms on how to succeed as a creator...
Facebook, Instagram, Influencer, Creator

1. 60 percent of people on Facebook are watching videos that are under ten minutes in length.

2. 100 million people go to the Instagram Explore tab every day.

3. The popularity of video on Instagram is growing more and more each year.

This year there was an 80 percent increase in video views, in comparison to last year. Keep this in mind, when you’re planning your content. Consider putting more effort or uploading more video content in 2018

4. Branded content must now be explicitly marked and tagged by all partners.

This is now a global requirement.

5. You have three seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

More often than not, the “less” produced a video is the more likely it is to grab a viewer’s attention. Therefore, don’t worry about making your videos too polished.

6. Instagram Live has become extremely popular.

Wondering how to use it to interaction with your followers? Try doing a Q and A session or reply to comments. Get creative, be approachable and talk with your audience.

7. When posting pictures on Instagram, keep your images square. Capture your videos with a wide landscape angle.

This allows for a bigger picture and, therefore, a more immersive experience for your audience.

8. Use Insights to track engagement from your followers.

You can also now do this with Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, and view your “drop off” rate when doing a live. This now allows creators to tailor their content to their audience’s tastes.

9. Want to keep your favourite Instagram Stories around for longer than twenty four hours? Use the Stories Highlights and Stories Archives features.

Stories can now be saved in the Instagram app with Stories Archives. And you can feature your favourite on your profile, as Stories Highlights.

10. Be part of the current conversation.

If something is trending (popular hashtags, etc.) get involved and be part of that conversation. Find a way to organically integrate trends into your content. 


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