10.12 2017 15:20h

8 Things VIDXB Taught Us About YouTube

YouTube provided industry insiders and creators with a few helpful tips...
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Missed VIDXB this past weekend?

That's okay, we've rounded up all of the tips and tricks from the Creator and Influencer Sessions.

Jad Esber share a few of YouTube's key tips for creators, during his Creator Session "A Deep Dive With YouTube" at VIDXB. Aspiring YouTubers take note and check them all out below...

1. Interact with your subscribers in order to build engagement.

Ask your subscribers questions in the community tab, and hold YouTube polls before creating new content. If you find out what your subscribers want to see, then you can tailor your content surrounding their preferences. Therefore, they will be more inclined to watch and interact with your future videos.

2. Get ready to use YouTube Reels.

YouTube Reels is a new feature that allows creators to upload Story-like content to their channel. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the videos will expire after 24 hours.  

3. Spend time choosing the right thumbnails.

They’re extremely important, so creators need to put some thought into uploading a good thumbnail for their videos. 

4. Speaking of thumbnails, YouTube now has a "Video Preview" feature. 

There's now a three second auto-playing preview, where the thumbnail ordinary is. This is available in Google Chrome and Opera web browsers.

5. There is a new way to moderate comments on your videos.

You can now omit specific words and phrases automatically, if you don’t want them posted as a comment. Use this feature to help filter out negative comments and trolls.

6. If you’re a creator, download the YouTube studio app.

You can manage your channel on the go, from the comforts of your smartphone with the comforts of this app. Review the latest stats on your videos, respond to comments, schedule videos, and upload thumbnails from your phone.

7. The auto face blur is now available for videos.

If you weren’t able to get someone to sign a release form, you can now easily blur our their faces.

8. Need help? Go to the Video Live section on the Creator Academy Channel.

Common questions about things like SEO and search functions are explained.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below...


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