11.12 2017 10:31h

In talks with Twitter: The Rise of 'Niche' and in-stream ads

The big blue bird outlines the growing plans for its influencer network at VIDXB
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Have you heard of Niche?

If you aren’t a brand or influencer, you probably haven’t.

Niche is a Twitter-run platform for influencers and online creators.

At VIDXB, Twitter discussed how it supports its creators in monetizing their creative content. And Niche is one way they do this by helping influencers grow, understand, and activate their social presence across all networks.

Niche works with both creators and brands, to develop authentic and resonating branded content. Essentially, it's a support network for influencers and helps brands connect with the right creators.

With 71 percent of people in the UAE willing to buy from an influencer instead of an advertisement, it only makes sense that Twitter wants to play a role in connecting creators with brands.

Twitter also discussed the importance of in-stream video ads at VIDXB.

With more consumers watching online video than ever before, it’s no surprise that Twitter is encouraging brands to make the most of this feature.

Either way, Twitter made it fairly clear at VIDXB that they're committed to helping both influencers and brands succeed when it comes to influencer marketing.

What are your thoughts on Twitter's Niche and in-stream video ads? Let us know in the comments below...


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