11.12 2017 12:31h

Why You Need To Be Replying To Your Customers on Social Media

Sprinklr breaks down the importance of social communication between brand and consumer at VIDXB.
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Did you know that 15 years ago there was no social media?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram simply didn't exist.

But according to social media management system Sprinklr, 2.4 billion people are on social media today.

Crazy, isn’t it?

At VIDXB this past weekend, Sprinklr disclosed that when it comes to social media and digital campaigns, it’s important for brands to be interacting and communicating with consumers on these platforms.

92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family, more than other forms of marketing. And 71 percent of people in the UAE would rather buy from an influencer, as opposed to a brand advertisement.

Therefore it’s clear that communication between brands, influencers and consumers plays a key role in sales conversions on social media.

During Industry Sessions at VIDXB, Sprinklr said when brands directly reply to consumer tweets it can potentially lead to an increase in company revenue.

In fact, responding to a resolvable issue through Twitter boosts consumer willingness to spend 3 to 20 percent more on an “average priced” product. And for airlines, 3 percent of an 8.9 billion dollar industry is a lot of revenue.

And in GCC, 63 percent of consumers value a brand more after social interaction.

Now you know why Emirates Airlines promptly replies to your tweets…

Another example is Nike.

Last year, with the help of Sprinklr, Nike monitored millions of consumer profiles and messages. They found that communicating directly with their customers over social media kept 325 million people engaged with the Nike brand. They even have a physiotherapist on their social media team, who is responsible for replying to physical ailment-related questions.

By keeping their consumers engaged online and replying to their messages on social media, Nike increases their profits. 

Communicating directly with your target market on social media is key, especially if you want to convert those likes into sales.

Start replying and retweeting!


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