12.12 2017 12:32h

Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app!

Get ready for Instagram Direct…
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We might all be downloading yet another messaging app very soon.

Instagram is testing out its standalone private messaging app, appropriately called Direct.

It’s currently available in six countries (Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay), on both iOS and Android and has been described as a cross between Facebook messenger and Snapchat.

According to Verge if you install Direct on your smartphone, the inbox disappears from the Instagram app and can only be accessed in the messaging app. So, think twice before you decide to try it out!

Why does Instagram want to remove its messaging features from the original app?

Supposedly, a stand-alone messaging app provides a better experience and service to users. We’re guessing Instagram is taking a page out of Facebook's playbook. If you don't remember, the social media giant shut off messaging services inside its main app back in 2014. Users were then forced to download Facebook Messenger, if they wanted to continue to directly message their Facebook friends. 

If Instagram decides to make direct available to everyone around the world, the move could give Facebook (its parent company) a third popular messaging tool, alongside Messenger and WhatsApp.


What are your thoughts? Would you download Instagram's Direct app? Let us know in the comments below.


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