28.04 2017 16:41h

10 Female Journalists in the Middle East You Should be Following

The women blazing a reporting trail in the region
Female reporters, Middle East journalists, News

1. Rania Abouzeid –  @Raniaab
Rania has reported out of the Middle East for the past decade, covering the second Iraq war and the Syrian civil war while reporting for Time Magazine, The New Yorker and Al Jazeera America.

2.  Zeina Khodr –  @ZeinakhodrAljaz
As a broadcast correspondent for Al Jazeera English, Zeina covers war zones in Syria and Afghanistan, winning The Sky Women in Film and Television Awards as a correspondent in 2011. 

3. Laura Rozen @lrozen
Having previously written for Yahoo! News, Politico and Foreign Policy, Laura covers Middle Eastern affairs from Washington DC while running Al-Monitor’s Back Channel.

4. Amberin Zaman - @amberinzaman
Turkish journalist Amberin had previously found herself at the Turkish Syrian border during the Syrian crisis. Specialising in Turkish foreign policy and the reconciliation between the Kurds and the Turkish-Armenians, Amberin has also worked as a correspondent for The Economist.

5. Liz Sly@LizSly
Based in Beirut, Liz is a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and finds herself in Syria reporting the war time and time again. Liz finds that at the war front, women's voices are the most powerful as “men are fighting this war, but women are writing it.”

6. Deborah Amos@deborahamos 
An award-winning senior journalist, Deborah has covered an exhaustive range of issues in the Middle East, particularly, the driving ban for women in Saudi Arabia. 

7Tulin Daloglu - @TulinDaloglu
Tulin covers Turkish politics as well as the Syrian conflict since 2011. Tulin’s reports offer a first-hand view as she regularly travels to borders, streets and anywhere she can to offer an eyewitness report.

8. Asmaa al-Ghoul 
Asmaa has faced her set of hardships all for her art. From being isolated and ostracised to being beaten and receiving death threats. She received the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation in 2012 and a Hellman-Hammet award from the Human Rights Watch as she uncovered human rights violations in the Gaza strip in 2012.

9. Ayah Aman @ayahaman 
Ayah has covered events from a strong female perspective for years, despite receiving opposition that prevented female reporters from covering any events in certain parts of the world. She now works as a contributing reporter for various Egyptian newspapers.

10. Hala Jaber@HalaJaber 
As well as penning books on Hezb and Iraq, Hala has received multiple accolades for her journalism work, lauded for her bravery and her reporting skills, especially for her coverage of the Syrian conflict.


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