02.01 2018 11:12h

Instagram will now recommend posts to you

Users will be viewing more new content than ever before with this recent update
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Can’t keep up with all of the new Instagram updates? Neither can we.

Lately, social media’s most popular photo sharing app has been working overtime in a bid to stay one step ahead of its competitors – and some of its new ideas have been less met with mixed reactions (although we do enjoy the ability to follow hashtags and think “Highlights” are brilliant).

Last week, Instagram (quietly) rolled out a new update that refers content to users within their respective feed, based on the accounts a user follows.

Wait, what? Let us explain.

Essentially, this addition means users soon might be scrolling through their Instagram feeds only to come across images from an account they don’t follow.

This content is now known as a post that has been “Recommended for You” by Instagram. Essentially, the app will show you images from accounts you don’t follow, based on the activity of accounts you do follow.

While this update might be a cool way to find new accounts to potentially follow and interact with, we think most users might find this new feature a bit odd (and a tad annoying). After all, the whole point of Instagram is to share images with other users that want to follow your account – and vice versa. 

The good news is users can tell Instagram if they want to temporarily hide a post that appears in "Recommended for You". Simply tap on the three dots above the image or video, and choose the option to "Hide" the post. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable “Recommended for You”. 

For now we’ll just all have to chalk it up as another feed interruption, along with sponsored posts and stories.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s new “Recommended for You” feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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