20.02 2020 13:00h

How To Make Most of Instagram's Comment Controls

Here's how to block unwanted comments on Instagram...
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Nobody likes dealing will trolls and cyberbullies – especially on social media.

While some Netizens can easily ignore negative comments by avoiding certain internet forums, influencers and creators don’t have that luxury. It’s their job to put their life, opinions and expertise out there for their followers’ enjoyment. It’s also their responsibility to reply and moderate their comments’ section. Dealing with unconstructive criticism on a regular basis is the norm – and it can take an emotional toll on an influencer or creator.

The good news is one social media giant has actively taking steps to crackdown on cyberbullying.

Back in September, Instagram introduced comment controls to its users.

There are now four different settings within the app, that enable different groups of users to comments. It no longer matters if you’re an influencer or a high school student; everybody is free to use these tools in order to ensure they’re having a safe and positive experience on Instagram.

So… how do you access comment controls? Easy.

Go to your profile and tap on “Options” in the top right corner. Scroll down to the Settings section and tap “Comments”. If you haven’t changed the default setting, your profile will probably be set to “Everyone”. This means there are no restrictions on who can comment on your profile (aside from someone you’ve blocked).

You can then change your settings to allow ‘People you follow and your followers’, ‘People you follow’, or ‘Your followers’ to have the ability to comment on your Instagram profile. Underneath each option, Instagram displays the total number of people who would be granted permission to comment, under each setting.

There’s also more good news: you can also block comments from other Instagram users on an individual basis (without actually having to fully ban them from your profile). So, if there’s one particular “friend” that keeps leaving offensive or unwanted comments, you now have the power to subtly silence them without causing further drama. This also includes blocking certain offensive comments in English, Arabic, French, German and Portuguese.

Smart move, Instagram.

We think this is a great way for influencers to avoid having to deal with unnecessary negative feedback, and an excellent tool for brands wanting to maintain a positive narrative on their Instagram accounts. We’re also certain many teenagers and parents will be glad to hear that Instagram is taking steps to minimize opportunities for cyberbullying.

In addition to comment controls, Instagram also launched an anonymous reporting system for live stream video (in the event a user is live streaming inappropriate content) and its #kindcomments campaign that helps to promote a positive atmosphere on the app. Overall we think its great that Instagram is taking steps in order to create a healthy, happy vibe on the platform.

Well done, Instagram.

What are your thoughts on Instagram's comment controls? Let us know in teh comments below...


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