28.03 2017 16:44h

What you need to know about social media posting in the UAE

Guidelines to keep you out of digital trouble
Do and don'ts in UAE social media law
Do and don'ts in UAE social media law

At some time or another, we've said or done something we've regretted on social media. And while you may think your innocuous social media ramblings should never be taken too seriously, it's worth remembering that in this region, saying the wrong thing online can get you in a lot of trouble.

Now before you panic and deactivate your Twitter account, have a look at what you need to know to keep you out of hot water. 

1. Do not post other people's pictures or videos without consent: Whether it's a friend or a photographer...you really need to get their permission, otherwise you could be found in breach of privacy or copyright. The same applies to disclosing information or secrets about people's lives. Yes, even if your pal has upset you and you think he deserves it...

2. Never make threats: Posts or comments that are abusive or threatening to other people can land you in court. Time to stop releasing your anger on the internet and sign up for that yoga class.

3. Do not insult Islam: Offending Islamic morals and values is taken extremely seriously in this part of the world. Be warned.

4. Don't tag anyone without consent:  The TRA warns that tagging without permission can be a breach of defamation and privacy laws, both of which can carry hefty fines and even jail time. 

5. Don't post pornographic or material that contains nudity.  Sort of goes without saying, really. 

6. Try not to gossip: Spreading what's deemed to be 'false information' can lead to up to Dhs1 million in fines. 

7. Do not bully or harass: Important information for all those internet trolls out there. Users must not post content which includes hate speech, incites violence or which is threatening or contains graphic or gratuitous violence. Laughing at your siblings profile picture from 2008, however, is fine.  


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