28.03 2017 16:52h

5 Google Chrome hacks to improve productivity

A few tricks and tips to get the most out of your browser
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1. Hunter - think of this as a centralized database for emails and contact cards – for all your contacts as well as the people you’re looking to get in touch with – even if you don’t know them A modern day, digitalized Yellow Pages if you will. You’re welcome!

2. StayFocused – okay so we’ve all been there – you have a ton of emails to get through, yet there’s always another cute cat video to watch on YouTube or yet another influencer to follow on Instagram. Install this one and your distractions are locked for a certain amount of time. Oh look, your mailbox is empty, fancy that!

3. Dayboard – let’s just all collectively agree that to-do lists are a great way to get organized, but also the worst thing to deal with on a Sunday morning. This extension

4. OneTab – if you’re anything like me and have at least ten different tabs open at a given anytime, then this one’s for you. Install this and any time you click on the OneTab icon, the extension organizes all your open tabs into an easy to access list. You can get to your tabs whenever you need them then, and send your emails in time when you need to.

5. Google Translate – This one’s for you if you didn’t quit pay much attention in French or Arabic class. Don’t worry as you’re probably familiar with this one. Install the Chrome extension for your mailbox, and ensure that you never have to ask a colleague at work to help translate something for you ever again. Easy, peasy.


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