17.01 2018 09:51h

Why Facebook's News Feed Change is A Good Thing

4 reasons why brands and influencers should be excited about the changes...
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Publishers might not be happy with the upcoming changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, but it isn’t all bad news.

Less media driven content in users’ feeds means more room for “meaningful posts” from friends and family. And when done correctly, influencer content mimics family and friend content.


There’s no doubt that influencers will have to work harder at creating authentic content, that doesn’t come across as spam or clickbait. But the good news is, going forward, brands and marketers will prioritize working with influencers over traditional media outlets – especially if they want to get their products and services across to Facebook users.

It’s likely that Facebook fans can expect to see a higher quality of content (including sponsored content and collaborations) coming from their favourite influencers in the near future.

And that’s not all.

Here are four reasons why Facebook's News Feed change is a good thing for influencers, brands and consumers.

Less Clutter in News Feeds

Most Facebook users would agree that in recent years their feeds have become overcrowded with clickbait-type articles. Many of us have fallen trap to wasting hours watching cat videos or scrolling through spam posts.

The new algorithm will crackdown on this “noise”. We’ll effectively been seeing more authentic, organic, “meaningful” content in our feeds that we’ll be more inclined to interact with – and fewer dash cam videos.

More Room For Influencers To Shine

The News Feed algorithm change is something influencers should be celebrating.

Because the changes will increase the amount of posts we see from family, friends and Facebook groups there will be more room for bloggers, creators and Insta stars to shine.

Influencers that choose to post on Facebook will have a higher chance of being "seen" by their fans. Followers or group members will no longer need to scroll through dozens of engagement bait posts before seeing new content from their favourite influencer.

Brands Will Be More Inclined to Work With Influencers

Facebook has been curbing the reach of branded content on the platform since 2012. 

Now, publishers and media outlets will also be subjected to the same restrictions.

This means that if a brand wants to showcase their products or services to a specific audience on Facebook, they will need to do it via an influencer's channel. Working with traditional media outlets or publishers will no longer be effective in reaching a target audience on the social network.

This is excellent news for influencers that boast a large followings on Facebook. Brands will be more inclined than ever before to work with bloggers, vloggers and Instagram stars on Facebook.

Higher Quality of Content and More Conversation

Content is king.

While the new News Feed algorithm may cut down on competition, influencers will still need to create original content if they want their Facebook posts to be seen by their audience.

And while the new algorithm will give “meaningful posts” more visibility, it won’t necessarily make an influencer’s job any easier when it comes to promoting their content on Facebook. Some sources speculate that influencers who reply to their fans' comments and engage in dialogue with their communities will be prioritized by the algorithm.

Therefore, influencers will need to ensure they’re posting original content and interacting with their followers, if they want to keep their Facebook posts in the spotlight.

What are your thoughts to the changes in Facebook's News Feed? Let us know in the comments below...


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