23.01 2018 10:10h

Snapchat is being extra friendly to publishers

Snapchat is making the most of Facebook's recent changes to the News Feed algorithm
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Snapchat sure knows an opportunity when it sees one.

The story-sharing platform has said it will prioritize relationships with publishers and media outlets, after Facebook announced major changes to its News Feed algorithm last week.


According to the Business Insider after Facebook announced changes last week Snap Inc.’s Director of Content, Mike Su, reached out to the app’s publishing and media partners over email.

He made it clear that Snapchat was committed to working with its media partners, and would continue to help improve their quality of content and increase reach.

“As Evan [Spiegel, CEO and founder of Snapchat,] mentioned on our previous earnings call, content is one of our top three priorities in 2018, and your success on Snapchat is at the heart of that. So we’re going to push harder and be more proactive with helping you succeed on Snapchat,” Su wrote.

Opportunistic? Maybe.

But Snapchat needs to catch a break as 2017 was a less-than-stellar year for the app.

Last week the company laid off about 24 employees (mainly from its content division), and its recent redesign hasn’t been going down well with users in Australia, Canada and the UK (where it's been rolled out).

Snapchat has also been facing pressure from investors to grow its userbase, and is working through other internal challenges.

Guess its a good time to be hustling... good luck, Snapchat!

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