23.01 2018 12:29h

Consumers are streaming more content than ever before

Move over radio and television, streaming platforms are taking over
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The way we’re consuming  media in the UAE is changing rapidly.

The data shows we’re more likely to use streaming services than ever before, when listening to music or watching television.

According to a recent study by YouGov Omnibus, 35% of consumers in the UAE say they have increased their frequency of streaming music online. And once a customer makes the change to a digital music service provider, it’s hard to entice them back.

And what about television?

Subscription services that allow users to watch video content (like Netflix) are also becoming more popular.

As many as 29% of consumers surveyed across the UAE and Saudi Arabia admit they watch video content on platforms that do not require payment and/or a subscription. 26% say they now pay to watch video content via streaming services, in comparison to a year ago.

A third admit they’re watching more live television than ever before, but it’s clear there’s a growing trend in streaming media within the region.

“There’s no question this survey shows online steaming is an exciting industry to be in right now in the Middle East region,” Kerry McLaren, head of Omnibus Research, said. “In particular, UAE consumers are favouring such services more and more over traditional means, and are prepared to pay for the privilege.”

What does this mean for brands?

If brands want to advertise their services or products, they should consider working with media streaming platforms instead of traditional media outlets.

Running a marketing campaign with a music streaming service will garner greater reach than, say, an advertising on the radio.  

“While it looks like radio providers will need to diversify to maintain consumer engagement in future, traditional live TV is striking the right balance and shows no signs of slowing when it comes to consumer entertainment preferences” McLaren said.

Do you stream your music and video media? What platforms do you use? Let us know in the comments below...


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