23.01 2018 14:45h

This vending machine lets you buy likes for your Instagram

Just when you think you've seen it all...
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Want more likes on your Instagram photos? This vending machine can help you out.

In Russia there are machines where Instagram users can go to purchase likes or followers. 


We knew it was possible to purchase fake followers and likes online, but we didn't see this coming.

We're guessing this will come in handy for any #fakeinfluencers out there, looking to boost their Insta numbers. 

According to a few netizens on Reddit who are familiar with the machines (and speak Russian), 100 likes on a photo will cost you 50 Russian rubles (3.25 AED) and 100 followers will set you back 100 rubles (6.50 AED). It can also print off your Instagram photos, in case you want a record of all the "likes" on your picture.

Apparently, this kiosk was found in a shopping mall next to the Kremlin in Moscow. Forget searching the web for some dodgy website, if you're looking for a quick follower boost you can do it in between shopping for new jeans and sneakers. 

Sources say the machine's company is owned by two partners: Nazir Yusifov and Ayaz Shabutdinov.

Yusifov denies that the company is selling fake followers and that the company’s services are breaking the Instagram terms of use and community guidelines. He insists that the likes are distributed by real people from accounts they’ve created (and not a bot farms). Because of that, he claims the service is completely legal.

Check out this video below to see how it works...

Russia is no stranger to accommodating the wants and needs of Instagram addicts.

Moscow also has a private jet photo studio, where aspiring influencers can pose inside a (grounded) private plan. Prices start at approximately 700 AED per hour. 


Keep in mind if you're an aspiring influencer and are planning on buy followers from a machine (or online), it could potentially compromise future brand deals and collaborations.

Therefore, take our humble advice... stick to being honest and let your numbers grow organically, guys....(but do check the vending machine out if you're in Russia anyway and send us a pic @ITPLive)


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