01.02 2018 09:53h

You Can Now Schedule Your Posts on Instagram

Instagram scheduling apps can now post on a user's behalf
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Influencers, brands and Insta-fans get ready for some GREAT news.

Starting today, Instagram will let users schedule posts via third-party social media scheduling apps. That's right, you can now schedule Instagram posts.


Third-party apps can post on a user's behalf, without sending any annoying push notifications or reminders before hand.

Instagram’s API was updated on January 30th to include this new feature, and we’re sure many people across the globe will be thrilled with the new feature.

Hootsuite, Social Sprout and SocialFlow are now all compatible with the API update. You can now go ahead and schedule your posts on these three platforms, and watch your selfies magically appear in your feed.

Planoly has announced auto-post will soon be available on their platform. 

Buffer's CEO and Co-Founder, Joel Gascoigne, said his platform is currently "working on it".

We’re sure many people are thrilled with Instsgram's new API feature. It’s been a long time coming, that's for sure.

The only downside is you still can’t schedule posts within the Instagram app itself. You also can’t schedule ads, and you can't schedule posts for personal accounts.

How do you enable the auto-post feature in your scheduling platform?

There's more good news: you don't need to do anything different or add in an extra step.

Just schedule your post for a date and time in the future, add a caption and the platform will upload your content automatically at the scheduled time.

Easy peasy!

Will you be making the most of the new auto-posting feature? Let us know in the comments below... 


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