05.02 2018 13:08h

Snapchat has just launched its own merchandise store

You can now buy your own dancing hot dog plush toy and more
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Shopaholics will be excited to learn that Snapchat has just launched its own merchandise store.

Last week the company started selling apparel, plush toys and more via its own in-app e-commerce platform.

Want to snatch up your own dog lens t-shirt? Here’s how to do it. 

You can access the store by going to the Discover section in the app and searching “Snap Store”, or by clicking here and scanning the Snap Code in your browser with your Snapchat camera. Items will be available for a limited time, and can only be purchased through the app.

So if you’re keen to snag yourself a winkface sweatshirt or dancing hotdog plushie, now is the time!

New merchandise is scheduled to “drop” on February 8th – be on the lookout and act fast.

The downside is the products are only available for order in the United States (no word on when they’ll be available to GCC customers). And Snap Inc. isn’t planning on prioritizing the store as a major revenue stream. A Snapchat spokesperson told Tech Crunch it was just a fun way to reward loyal users and the app’s community.

But just in case you’re actually serious about buying some “merch”, here is a list of current items for sale on the app…

  • Streak Hat
  • Dog Lens T-Shirt
  • Winkface Sweatshirt
  • Dancing Hot Dog Plush Doll
  • "Bring Back Best Friends" Sweatshirt

Some netizens speculate that the Snap store is a way for Snap Inc. to show brands the potential for in-app e-commerce. If retailers start selling their products on the app, a real revenue stream could be developed. Evidently, it would depend on how much Snapchat would charge potential customers to sell the merchandise on its platform.

Overall, this could be a good way for Snap Inc. to pull in extra earnings. The company missed its revenue targets last quarter, so we’re sure they’re keen to figure out ways to bring in extra cash.

Either way, be on the look out for a Streak Hat next time you’re vacationing in America.

Would you buy Snapchat merchandise if it was available in the GCC? Let us know in the comments below...


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