07.02 2018 17:55h

British Airways Launches In-Flight WiFi

Speedy onboard connection will be available on 118 aircrafts
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In a world where staying connected at any and all times is increasingly paramount (at least in our heads), for many of us, being rendered internet-less for hours on end on a long-haul flight can feel a bit like you've lost a limb. As sad as that may be....

No doubt recognizing this Millennial-based plight (and those professionals who actually need to do web-based work while traveling) U.K carrier British Airways has rolled out its onboard Wi-Fi programme, set to be implemented across 118 of its planes over the next two years.

Those looking to avail of some high-speed bandwidth will be advised of WiFi availability when they board a connected aircraft, with internet access granted around 10 minutes after takeoff after you've passed 10, 000 feet (so just enough good visibility for a particularly pretty live Insta story). 

Any Visa customers out there? Good news. As long as the particular carrier you're on is WiFi connected), you get an hour of free browsing and streaming. In Boxset terms, that's a whole episode of Breaking Bad. 

So how much is it going to cost you?

Well, currently, customers can choose from two paid-for packages including the ‘Browse’ package, which supports internet surfing, social media and WhatsApp, or the ‘Stream’ package, which supports streaming of music and entertainment, from the very best online content services...yes, including Netflix. Prices for the former package begin at £4.99, (approx. AED25) with the Stream option available from £7.99.(approx. AED60 ) and both are available to purchase for one hour, four hours or the full flight 

Is Wi-Fi a necessity to you on board? Let us know in the comments below....


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