18.02 2018 14:13h

Get ready for the Intercontinental Football Cup

Cheer on the players this weekend at the Dubai Sports City Football Academy
Football, Michel Salgado, Real Madrid, Spanish Soccer School

Football fans, get excited!

The Under 13 Dubai Intercontinental Football Cup will be taking place here in Dubai, between Feb 22nd and Feb 24th.

Over 300 participants from 14 different countries will be competing against each other in a three-day long football tournament, at the Dubai Sports City Football Academy.

The objectives of the tournament is to bring young players from around to world together, through mutual appreciate of sport and common values.

The Cup will be hosted by influencer Míchel Salgado, a retired Real Madrid football player and current Director of Spanish Soccer School in Dubai, UAE. Sponsors can expect media coverage and web exposure, and the tournament will be endorsed by a number of athlete social influencers.

Overall, we think this is a great way for young people from around the world to connect over the love of football - and also a great way for brand partners to gain excellent some exposure.

We'll be cheering on from the sidelines!

Let us know if you'l be joining us at Intercontinental Football Cup in the comments... 


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