18.02 2018 15:43h

Facebook is Testing Out A New Feature

Love making to-do lists? You'll appreciate this new update
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Organizational freaks, get excited!

The social network has started testing out a new feature, that will allow users to create lists on the social networking platform.

Facebook speculates that by allowing fans to jot down their "to-do's" in their status, the new feature will lead to a boost in engagement and interaction rates between friends.

When composing a status update, users can choose to select “List” from status options available (Polls, Check-In, Ask for Recommendations, etc.) along with a colour option.

According to Social Media Today, once selected a user will be given a new template to put their list together before filling in their tasks.

It's unclear if there will be a limit to the number of items a user can add to the list, if the backgroud colour can be changed and if emojis can be added to the list. 

Facebook claims the main motivation for adding the List feature is to provide an easier method for its users to put together lists (since they're already doing it on the platform).

But some Netizens speculate Facebook has other intentions...

Facebook kicked off 2018 promising its users that it will show them more content from family and friends in their News Feeds (and less content from publishers). Perhaps this is one way of implementing the initiative.

Would you use Facebook's List feature? Let us know in the comments below...


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