27.02 2018 13:45h

Get Ready For Diamond Phone Screens

Available in 2019...
IPhones, Smartphones

Have you ever cracked your phone screen? Most of us have at least once.

Research says 25% of iPhone users have broken their screens at least once and 15% of iPhone owners are using a phone with a broken screen on a daily basis.

The good news is one company is trying to put a stop to smashed phone screens. AKHAN Semiconductor is working on a new technology that will save smartphone users (i.e. everyone) hundreds of dirhams in repair fees and new phones.

Introducing Diamond Glass...

The company is currently working with a prominent phone maker to test a screen made entirely of “diamond glass”, a new material that is strong than other products on the market. It can be applied in conjunction with other touch screen products, like Corning's Gorilla Glass (the current material used by Apple, Samsung and other phone manufactuers).

According to cnet.com, Diamond Glass is grown in a lab and uses a nanocrystal pattern that randomly arranges the diamond crystals, instead of lining them up along their planes.

The technology discourages deep cracks from forming and damaging the materials underneath, making it idea for individuals that are clumsy or have a tendency to drop their phones. 

It's unknown whether products made with Diamond Glass will be more expensive, but for individuals that have a tendency to drop their devices it could be a massive money saver.

The bad news is you'll have to wait until 2019 before it will be available to consumers. 

At present Akhan is only working with one phone maker and won't disclose the company's identity. But if all goes well, it will consider supplying screen materials for everything from smart tablets to fitness bands. 

Until then, try not to drop your phones...

Would you pay extra for a touchscreen device made with Diamond Glass? Let us know in the comments below...


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