06.03 2018 09:41h

There's A Good Chance Instagram Will Release Video Calling Soon

Keep an eye on the app
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Keep your eyes on Instagram.

According to a TechCrunch report, there's a secret code in Instagram's app that reveals hidden files and icons for 'Call' and 'Video Call', and 'Portrait' for Stories.

This means the photo-sharing app may launch new features in the imminent future, which could lead to some major changes within the platform

At least 12 audio and video call icons have been found in the official Instagram.apk file (i.e. the app file you download onto your Android when you install Instagram). 

So... what exactly does this mean? 

For all you non-techies out there, this means "new" files are "living" within the publicly available version of the app, making is easier for Instagram to implement new features on a whim.  

Instagram is owned by Facebook, a platform that boasts both calling and video calling abilities. Therefore, it makes sense for Insta users to have access to similar features within Instagram. And be on the lookout for additional shutter modes in Instagram Stories, like 'Portrait'.

Why would Instagram hold off on releasing new features, if they're already embeded in the app's code?


Instagram is always looking to stay one step ahead of its rival, Snapchat. The company is probably waiting for the perfect moment, before making these features available to its users. 

Either way, keep an eye on your Instagram app.

Would you use a voice or video calling feature, if it was available in the app? Let us know in the comments below...


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