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11 Emirates Cabin Crew To Follow On Instagram

Try not to get sky-high jealously when scrolling through their Instagram accounts
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Emirates is known for being one of the best airlines in the skies - and that includes their on-board service.

Members of their cabin crew hail from all over the world sharing the same welcoming demeanour, friendly smile and iconic red hat.

But did you know that some crew members boast huge followings on their social media accounts, making them bonafide influencers?

Not to mention their YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers, and blogs detailing their daily activities (and flights). They post gorgeous images while working behind the scenes on-board Emirates' Airbus 380s and during their layovers at tropical destinations.

We've done a little digging and have come up with a list of the top ten Emirates cabin crew members you need to be following on Instagram. Check them out below and keep a look out for them at DXB when you're traveling this summer...

Kelsey Johnson (@lipstickandluggage)


This Canadian crew member from Toronto is also a part-time model and blogger. 

Joana (@joana.ek) 

Cheers to days off Com o meu maravilhoso fato de banho da @besallys

A post shared by Joana (@joana.ek) on


Hailing from Portugal, Joana clearly loves being in the sky and by the water.

Maria Soldatova (@skyflygirl)


In addition to being a crew member, she also has her own jewelry line and YouTube channel.

Amy Bartholomew (amybartholomew)

Amy is an official Emirates Airline Instagram Ambassador.

Yanusya Sheludko (@little_sky_miss) 

All the way from Ukraine, Yanusya also has her own YouTube channel, where she vlogs in Russian 

MJ (@mj_ek) 

MJ is 25, German, and, like most Emirates cabin crew members, is based in Dubai. She boasts a huge following on YouTube and has 86,082 subscribers on her channel.  

Brigita Jagelaviciute (@imbrigita )

You. Me. This.

A post shared by Brigita Jagelaviciute (@imbrigita) on

Brigita only started her YouTube channel a few months ago, but she's already racking up the views. Be sure to check her out.

Georgia Peacock (@georgiapeacock)

A post shared by Georgia (@georgiapeacock) on

This blond bombshell is all smiles on her Instagram account. 

Rachey Louise (@racheyflies)

Fun fact: this Aussie is a first-class flight attendant.

Jessica Cairney (@jessicairney_ek)

Jessica is half-Thai and half-Australian. She also blogs at the wanderlusthop.com.

Tatiana (@flytatifly)

This half-Argentinian cabin crew member shares everything from the perks of her job (traveling around the world, flying business classs) to nights out with her friends.  

Do you have a favorite Emirates cabin crew member? Let us know in the comments below...


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