29.03 2017 18:27h

4 Tactics You Shouldn't Just Rely On For Social Media Success

Don't take the easy way out...
Advertising, Social Media campaigns, Content

If you’ve been at this for while, you’ve probably grown a new level of appreciation for today’s social media stars. A couple months in, you’re still struggling to crack your first 100 fans, how in the world do they get in the thousands?!!

Here are some of the most commonly relied upon tactics for social media infants (we’ve all been there) here in the UAE, but all they’re going to build is frustration…

1. Curated Content

Gone are the days when you could simply rely on finding and stacking up your content plan with curated posts…on second thought don’t think there ever was a time that worked. But this is all too common here, especially amongst the smaller boutique agencies.

While curated content does have a role in your campaign, it’s not the lead cast member. It’s more like the stage hand in the back that keeps the show going behind the scenes. Curated content should only be used to keep your audience informed, demonstrate your authority and industry awareness.

2. Advertising

Brands and influencers alike may find themselves guilty of the overreliance on advertising.  Advertising budget does not equate success. The most attractive aspect of social media is two-way communication,  your ability to build relationships and present more complex and compelling messages over time.  Designing a killer ad and then kicking back is not going to do anything for you…besides clean our your credit cards.

3. Social Media

...In isolation, we mean.

Have a look through some of the top influencers in the region and anywhere else in the world, do they post tips, advice and how to’s? Well of course they do, but what else. They’re active offline as well! Especially early on when trying to get their names out there. All too often, influencers and brand will simply focus all of their efforts on pushing content online, understandably so in most cases, as you try and balance your full-time job and passion. But the most successful ones that get out there in the real world.

You need to be everywhere so to speak, this means trade shows, exhibitions, etc networking with your fans, even other influencers. Bringing people online who you’ve already built rapport with is extremely effective, as they’re the ones most likely to engage with your content.

4. Automated Comments

Been seeing a lot more of this over the last year or so, and oh, how it makes you want to slam your phone up against a wall. Nothing more off-putting about some random intsa-pain in the a** liking and making the most irrelevant and at time inappropriate comments on your pictures. Auto liking and following would fall under this branch as well.

Being attentive and starting discussions with relevant fans and other industry specialists good, automated-comments bad!

Today’s digital landscape if far too competitive for tunnel versioned approach, while these are all great tactics (when done right), they need to be used as part of an integrated campaign plan.


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