18.03 2018 09:59h

There's Now A 'Bot That Will Barter The Cost of Your Flight Ticket

donotpay.com promises instant cash back when your ticket price drops
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We all know airlines don't play fair when it comes to the cost of a flight ticket. The good news is there’s now a 'bot that can help you fight volatile airline costs.

Donotpay.com is devoted to ensuring flyers pay fair prices for their tickets, and will try to secure refunds in the event a traveller has overpaid for their flight.

Originally created by Stanford University junior Joshua Browder to help fight parking tickets, donotpay.com has apparently saved its beta testers an average AED1650 ($450USD) per year on ticket costs.

“It annoyed me that every single flight, I could be paying sometimes double or even triple the person next to me in the same type of seat,” Browder told The Verge, on how he came up with the idea of helping out air travellers.

After extensively testing the 'bot on himself and his friends, the Standford undergrad has officially made the service available to the public as of last week.

How exactly does donotpay.com work to save its users money?

With the help of obscure airline booking rules, the website acts like a “'bot lawyer” and argue with the airline on user’s behalf. And apparently there are a lot of loopholes in aviation regulation that can potentially benefit passengers (and their wallets).

We might have never heard of the "24 hour rule" or know about aviation law surrounding weather warnings, but donotpay.com will use them to save you some cash.

The bad news is donotpay.com’s service is only available to flyers departing from the United States, on either a domestic or international flights.

Let's hope the services comes to the UAE in the near future.

Would you use donotpay.com? Let us know in the comments below...


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