03.04 2018 12:37h

Have you seen Roman Atwood's Epic Dubai Vlog?

YouTube superstar has released a 90 minute video chronicling a spectacular week in the UAE
Roman Atwood, Roman Atwood Dubai, Roman Atwood 90 minute vlog, ITP Live Roman Atwood, YouTube
Roman Atwood, Roman Atwood Dubai, Roman Atwood 90 minute vlog, ITP Live Roman Atwood, YouTube
Roman Atwood, Roman Atwood Dubai, Roman Atwood 90 minute vlog, ITP Live Roman Atwood, YouTube

Fresh off his recent trip to the UAE, YouTube superstar Roman Atwood has just uploaded his first ever 90-minute YouTube vlog, documenting a pretty spectacular few days of skydiving, sandboarding, snowboarding, zip-lining...not to mention headlining the recent ITP Live Influencer Summit . 

Following his mid March announcement that he would be stopping his supremely popular daily vlogs, Roman was over in Dubai last week, where on stage the US native exclusively revealed he would be making a return to YouTube with his debut 90-minute film, much to the delight of his fans attending the Influencer event and watching on live stream around the world.

So clear some time and check out the new video below...

Thanks for coming, Roman.

*****Want more? To catch the entirety of Roman's Dubai Interview with ITP Live, check out (and subscribe to) our YouTube channel, here *****

Behind The Scenes- Although we may have disappointed many of you with this break from YouTube I can never thank you enough for those of you supporting us on our decision. My intensions are never to upset you and the viewers. My intensions are always based around what is best for my family, My kids and our home. Behind the scenes we deal with many things I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand or deal with. Safety concerns, Threats to our family, $150,000 a year for 24 hour police in and outside of our home year round. And that is on the cheaper side of things. Of course what we do comes with so many amazing things as well. Great things! Very positive things. In fact, the good things out weigh the bad things by far. However, many things piled up at once and forced us as parents and creators to step back for just a bit. With all that being said we look forward to uploading our newest Vlog on April 4th. It is our longest vlog to date. 90 minutes. You can watch it all at once with your friends and family or you can break it up into pieces. Either way, Thank you for being a part of this journey, our life and my family! We love you and can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. We will see you April 4th :) Smile More. Also the 90min vlog will only have the one 5 second skippable ad at the beginning. That is it. Lol. Thank you so much

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Welcome to the UAE brother!

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