01.05 2018 10:29h

Instagram Is Testing New Features

Something new might be coming to your Insta Stories
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Insta fans, today is a good day for you!

It's been revealed that everyone's favourite photo-sharing app might be getting new features very soon.

Last week a curious netizen discovered various tests Instagram was conducting, that could potential lead to new goodies within the app. 


While it's important to note that Instagram has yet to confirm whether any of these new features will be implemented, it's fun to see what the photo-sharing app could potentially offer users in the future.

Insta Story Reactions

Users may soon be able to react to their friends' Instagram Stories.

It appears to be very similar to the current Facebook Stories reactions - which makes complete sense, as the photo-sharing app is owned by the social network giant.

A "Mute" Button

You know that annoying friend, who is constantly posting selfies? You may be able to "mute" them very soon.

Twitter has a similar feature and it's perfect for those acquaintances that you can't block/unfollow, but are no longer interested in viewing their content.

Stories Archive Calendar 

While this potential new Stories feature isn't groundbreaking, it could be a very organized way of viewing archived Stories.

We're sure Type A's would love this one.

Slow-Mo Stories

Probably the most anticipated, out of all the Insta features that could be rolled out in the future.

Everyone loves a good slow-mo clip, and if your phone doesn't have this built-in feature Insta could potentially sort you.

Video Calls

This isn't the first time we've heard of Instagram potentially rolling out a calling feature.

Back in March netizens discovered a secret code in the Instagram's app, that revealed hidden files and icons for 'Call' and 'Video Call'. The files are still dormant within the app, meaning a calling feature could be rolled out at any point in the future.

While Instgram has told The Verge " . . . it didn’t 'have anything to share on this right now,' regarding the apparent tests . . ." we've still got our fingers crossed. 

What are your thoughts on the features currently being tested by Instagram? Would you make use of any of them?

Let us know in the comments below.


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