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Etihad Crew Members You Need To Follow On Instagram

Having the opportunity to create awesome content is one heck of a job perk
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We all wish we had more time (and money) to explore the world.

And while many of us are fortunate to live in the UAE where the travel options are endless, we don't all have the luxury of checking out a new city on a weekly basis.

What if your job was to be on the go, constantly flying from country to country? What would you do with your free time? How would you document your travels?

These social-savvy cabin crew members from Etihad Airways use their Instagram to capture their adventures abroad. From Zanzibar to Moscow, these ladies aren’t shy when it comes to sharing snaps of what they get up to during their layovers.

We've rounded up some of our favourite Etihad Airways cabin crew members (along with their gorgeous Instagram feeds) below.

Check them out and let us know your favourite in the comments.

Basma Gouttaya, @basmainwonderland

With the help of colorful filters and stunning skyline shots, Moroccan-Italian Basma doesn't hold back when it comes to sharing her travels with her followers.

If you're a travel photography fan, give her a follow on Instagram.

Ksenia Babenko, @crewksusha

Fun fact: Ksenia was one of forty-seven ladies that represented Etihad Airways at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2017.

Check out her feed for more behind the scenes snaps - and even more amazing shots of her layover adventures.

Dasha Solnechnaya, @daria_sol_

While she doesn't post photos of herself in her Etihad uniform on social media, Dasha's Insta-feed would still make any aspiring wanderlust jealous. From shopping in Seoul to sightseeing in Brussels, this girl has a pretty sweet work-life balance. 

Check her out on Instagram for both fashion and travel inspiration.

Giovanna Giacon, @gigiacon

This Brazilian crew member was also selected to represent the UAE's national airline at The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2017.

When she's not flying, Giovanna is sharing pool-side snaps at her tropical layovers. #jealousmuch

Marta S., @martasolo

There is much more behind the smile of cabin crew Сейчас расскажу вам истинный секрет улыбки стюардессы ⠀ Улыбка - визитная карточка, часть униформы, первое знакомство и...что только ни говорят ⠀ На самом деле за этим скрывается боль от неудобства (улыбкой легче скрыть стиснутые от мозолей зубы) и ужас от вида нашей форменной обуви ⠀ Ты идешь по аэропорту и стараешься улыбаться ТАК, чтобы какой-нибудь встречный красавчик не имел шанса перевести взгляд на ноги ⠀ Как только мы получаем ЭТО, тут же понимаем, что улыбаться, улыбаться, и еще раз улыбаться ⠀ Почему обувь не может быть и красивой, и у̶м̶н̶о̶й̶ удобной одновременно: сначала она жмет, а когда сезон пластырей проходит, она растаптывается так, что идешь как цапля, пальцами загребая калоши, чтоб не отлетели пассажирам в лоб (это и есть наше красивое дефиле по аэропорту, опыт) ⠀ Вот и весь секрет, как авиалинии тренируют в нас улыбку (по крайней мере, Этихад и Эмирейтс) ⠀ И если вам кажется, что стюардесса не улыбчивая, посмотрите на ее обувь, может там всё лабутен⠀ А вам желаю прямиком в выходные, не глядя на мои/a>

A post shared by Улётная жизнь стюардессы DXB (@martasolo_) on

Marta is all smiles in her Instagram snaps. And while she does admit the job is hard work, she always keeps a positive demeanor in her pictures.

She shares everything from her holidays to her layovers, so give her a follow if you need a dose of positivity and a quick break from reality. 


If you didn't know any better, you would think this Etihad crew member spends all of her free time in tropical paradises around the world. A quick scroll through her Insta-feed shows snap after snap of lush greenery and turquoise-blue waters.

Can’t afford to take a vacation this year? Travel vicariously through @sheisinpurple.

Dorina Adriana, @dorinaadriana

Take a quick scroll through Dorina's Instagram and you can tell she's proud to be a member of the Etihad team. In between snaps of Amsterdam and Singapore, she also includes pictures of herself with her crewmates. 

Do you have a favourite Etihad cabin crew member? Let us know in the comments below.


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