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When You Shouldn’t Boost A Post On Facebook

Brands and marketers, take note
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There are plenty of reasons why brands and marketers choose to boost their posts on Facebook.

While boosting a post is an easy way of getting your content across to your target audience, that doesn't always mean it's the best option - especially for brands and marketers.

According to Revive Social ". . . the ability to boost posts is a simplified extension of the Facebook Ads system. It was designed to be less intimidating to small business owners who were overwhelmed by the full ads system and all the options it offered."

But the simplicity of boosting a post comes at a cost. It isn't as customizable as Facebook's full blown ads system. Therefore if a brand or marketer has a specific target or goal in mind, they're probably better off running a Facebook ad campaign instead.

If you're looking to learn more about running a Facebook ad campaign, check out ITP Live's "Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising", where we break down everything you need to know about running a campaign. 

We've rounded up a few easy pointers below, to help you determine whether you should be boosting your Facebook content or running an ad campaign. Check them out below and feel free to share your experiences with Facebook marketing in the comments below.

Boosting A Post Vs. Running A Campaign

When You Should Boost A Post on Facebook

-You want your post to be visible to more of your current followers

-You're trying to work around the algorithm update

-You not necessarily trying to sell a product, you just want to build brand awareness

-You have a post that's doing well and driving traffic to your website, but you want it to do even better

When You Should Run A Facebook Ad Campaign

-You have an advanced Facebook advertising knowledge (if you don't, click here)

-You want to expand your reach to new local customers

-You have a specific goal or target in mind (and boosting a post won’t help you reach that goal)


Have you run a Facebook ad campaign? What was your experinece? Let us know in the comments below.


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