02.04 2017 15:48h

5 UAE brands who pranked us on April Fools Day

The weekend's best social media stitch-ups
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If you successfully made it out of April Fools Day this year without being temporarily tricked in some fashion, then fair play to you. Because, judging by the online public reaction, the majority of social media users in the region fell for some cracking digital pranks by local brands. Here were our favourites... 


With the varying weather patterns we've been experiencing getting a lot of attention, ride-sharing app Careem UAE announced that they'd signed a deal to sponsor cloud seeding, so rain in the UAE would now be green. You'd be surprised how many people fell for it.

Costa Coffee Dubai 

Reckon everything in UAE should have a local taste to it? Then how about coffee made out of camel milk? asked Costa.


A plane with a pool, park, gym and games room? A shocking number of people fell for this (us included) because - logistical swimming pool problems asides, it's not even too far a leap for the ever-innovative Dubai carrier.

Pizza express UAE

A pizza smoothie? We just hope this stays as a prank.... (nervous laughter)


Even though some of us haven’t even seen the whole of Dubai Mall yet, JadoPado.com came up with a prank to build world’s largest mall integrated into the world’s soon-to-be largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport was to provide visa-free travel to the mall without the need to enter the city of Dubai. Good thing it was a prank otherwise we’d have to carry our passports to exit the mall. 


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