17.05 2018 10:13h

Instagram Has Just Launched New Features

Music fans will be very happy to hear this Insta news
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Instagram is on a roll.

Everyone's favourite photo-sharing app has been launching new features left, right and centre. And while we enjoy the emoji slider sticker, we have a feeling we'll be making the most of these two new Insta-goodies.

Instagram recently rolled out a new inbox management tool for their business accounts.

Users can now sort their Instagram Direct messages in a similar way they sort their emails in their inboxes. They also have the ability to "star" a message, if they want to refer back to it at a later time.

How do you access the new Instagram Direct inbox sorting features?

Log into your Instagram Direct messages on your business account, and click on the top right "filter inbox messages" feature in the search bar.

You'll now have the ability to sort (and view) your messages by "read", "unread" and "starred".

“On Instagram, people often reach out to businesses to learn more after being inspired by a story or post. And as a business, having regular and helpful communication with customers is critical to success," Instagram's Director of Product Marketing Susan Rose said.

"With over 150M Instagrammers having conversations with business each month, we’re making it easier to manage these connections in Instagram Direct so that businesses never miss a message from a new or potential customer.”

And that's not all. 

Instagram has officially teamed up with Spotify.

That's right, you can now share your jams directly to your Instagram Stories.

Keen on sharing your music with your Instagram followers?

Just tap the share button in the Spotify and your content will be pulled directly into the Instagram camera. From there you can edit and add to your Story or send it via direct message. You'll no longer have to screenshot your Spotify or connect your Instagram account to any other third-party apps.

But these two new features are just the beginning. Curious netizens have dicovered that Instagram has the potential to release more features in the future (including a calling feature), so keep your eye on your app.

Are you excited about Instagram's new features? Let us know in the comments below. 


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