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7 GCC Influencers Under 21 You Need To Follow Now

So young, so accomplished, so many followers
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What on earth have you been doing with your life???

That's a question you might be asking yourself after checking out the Insta profiles of these young influencers.

They're all under 21, GCC-based (or GCC-raised), and have done amazing things both in their "real" lives and on social media.

From YouTube channels that boast millions of followers to budding careers in the beauty, music and lifestyle industries these kids are on top of their game - and they're putting most adults to shame with what they’ve accomplished in less than two decades on this planet.

Check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer Gehna Advani (@gehnaadvani), 76.8K Followers

Ahlan! magazine put Gehna on their Hot 100 list for a reason. She's one of the most influencial beauty and lifestyle 'grammers in her age group, and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Keep you eyes on her, she's definitely the #onetowatch... 


Performer Yasmine "Yas Vocals" Majdi (@yasvocals), 69.3K Followers

There's no doubt about it: Yasmine has talent and she isn't afraid to share it one her Instagram.

Check out her feed for clips of her performing - she gives Ariana Grande a run for her money.

Performer and Entrepreneur  Hala Al Turk (@halamalturk), 2.9M Followers

Not only does Hala have a thriving acting and singing career, she's also started her own fashion line and soon-to-be launched cosmetics company. #Girlboss much? 

#amman #عمان #bravecf10

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Singer and YouTuber Sandra Sahi  (@sandrasahi), 519K Followers 

Thousands are subscribed to this Dubai-based cutie's YouTube channel, and it's easy to see why. Sandra is a very talented performer.

Check out her channel for a video of her performance at VIDXB.

I don’t have any caption.

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Luxury YouTuber and Influencer Rashid "Money Kicks" Belhasa (@rsbelhasa), 1.3M Followers

He may only be sixteen, but Rashid has been in the influnecer game for a while.

He was one of the first young YouTubers to showcase luxury brand items on his channel (starting out with his high-end sneaker collection), and now vlogs about everything from smartphone to luxury vehicles.

Check him out on Instagram and try not to get too jealous... 

Always Focused#welivinglife #mydubai #moneykicks

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Singer Leen El Hayek (@leenelhayek.official), 593K Followers

Leen was the winner of The Voice Kids Arabia 2016 and it's easy to see why from her Instagram. Check out her feed for clips of her performing; she's got that star quality. 

Wait a minute.. swipe. Love you

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YouTuber Banen Naem (@banennaem123), 841K Followers

Banen is the little sister of Saudi YouTuber Noor Stars - and she's hot on her big sis' heels. Her YouTube channel boasts 2.1 million subscribers. 

Have we forgotten anyone? Who's your favourite influencer under 21? Let us know in the comments below.


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