22.05 2018 13:12h

Facebook Is Testing A New Tool

It wants to connect brands with influencers
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Brands and marketers, we've got news for you: Facebook wants to make it easier for you to connect with influencers.

The social networking giant is testing a new search engine tool that will help brands find social media creators within the platform.

According to TechCrunch ". . . the Branded Content Matching search engine lets advertisers select the biographical characteristics of creators’ fans they want to reach, see stats about these audiences, and contact them to hammer out deals."

The tool - which has yet to be officially launched by Facebook - seems fairly straightforward and user-friendly (check out the screenshots by allFacebook.de below). 


A brand can select the audience it wants to reach (based on location, age, gender, etc.) and will be provided with a list of registered influencers, who's followers best matches the focus market the brand plans on targeting with their campaign. They will then have the ability to reach out directly to the influencers or save their details.

While Facebook doesn't initially plan to take a cut of the deals between brands and influencers, it definitely is making it easier for branded content to be showcased on its platform. And this could lead to an increase in marketing teams and brands paying more to boost influencer-created content.

The influencer marketing industry is worth big money, and Facebook clearly wants to take the biggest slice of the pie.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how the social networking giant's Branded Content Matching search engine plays out.

Would you use Facebook's Branded Content Matching search engine to connect with influencers? Let us know in the comments below.


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