23.05 2018 09:43h

Kylie Jenner Will Soon Debut Her Own Stories Filter

And she's not the only celebrity
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Kylie Cosmetics fans, get excited!

Some of your favourite brands and celebrities will soon be releasing their very own Instagram Stories filters. 

It was announced at Facebook's F8 developer conference that AR camera effects are coming to Instagram Stories in closed beta. The photo-sharing platform has plans to team up with a number of well-known brands and we're sure Insta fans will love what they come up with!

According to The Verge "Instagram will debut new filters through partnerships with Kylie Jenner, BuzzFeed, Ariana Grande, the NBA, Vogue, and others so you can try on Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks through a face filter or add floating effects to your background through a world lens."

And it turns out that Sephora, Asus, KIA and Nike are also all on-board. The idea is that Instagram's advertising partners will be able to build virutal try-on and product previews - as well as AR experience - to engage consumers on the photo-sharing platform.

Facebook's AR Studio creators are be able to design unique, interactive camera experiences - including face filters and world effects - so expect something similar to soon be available for Instagram.

Would you try on products via Instagram AR camera effects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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