14.06 2018 15:43h

The Top 10 Eid Makeup Tutorials On YouTube

Beauty vloggers share their favorite glam looks in time for the holiday
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Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid al-Fitr is almost here!

This means that us ladies will be getting ready to get glammed up this weekend, and looking to YouTube for a little bit of help.

We've rounded up ten of our favourite Eid makeup tutorials below, just in case you're stuck for beauty inspiration. 

Check them out and let us know your favourite in the comments below. 

10 Eid Makeup Tutorials For Beauty Addicts

Chloe Morello Eid Makeup Look (@chloemorello)

This Aussie beauty vlogger is the queen of Eid makeup tutorials. She has over ten Eid beauty looks on her YouTube channel

Soft Mauve Eid Makeup Look By Natalie Sallaum Eid Makeup Look (@nataliesallaum)

Love mauve eyeshadow? Natalie Sallaum has you covered.

Rose Gold Eid Makeup Tutorial By With Love, Leena (@withloveleena)

Rose gold shades are super popular, so it's no surprise that this beauty vlogger would create an Eid makeup look inspired by all things golden. 

Mermaid Blue Eid Eyeshadow Look By Kaur Beauty (@kaurbeautyy)

Because us ladies love anything mermaid-inspired.

Get Ready For Eid By Noor Stars (@noorstars)

An easy, pre-glam routine anyone can follow before a night of festivities. 

Super Easy Eid Makeup By Annam Ahmad (@annam.ahmad)

A beautiful berry look, that would lovely on ladies with an olive skintone.

Eid Makeup Tutorial By Maroosha's Makeup (@kiki_13th)

An easy makeup look that anyone can follow.

Eid Makeup Tutorial By Benefit Cosmetics (@benefitmiddleeast)

They're known for brows, but they also have great beauty tutorials on YouTube. Check this tutorial out for a flawless complexion this Eid.

KKW Eid Makeup Tutorial By Sabina Hannan (@sabinahannan)

KKW beauty fans, this one is for you!

Arabic Eyes For Eid With Huda Beauty And Nazan Asghar (@hudabeauty@nazanasghar)


A look for those ladies who aren't scared of the full-on glam look. 

Love all things beauty? Share a link to your favourite Eid makeup tutorials in the comments below.


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