18.06 2018 14:54h

Instagram Is Getting Ready To Roll Out A New Feature

Here are screenshots of the new "Usage Insight" tool
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Do you know how much time you spend on Instagram?

Most of us have a rough idea, but the good news is we soon might be able to keep track of our Insta usage (down to the minute) with this new tool.

Back in May, ITP Live reported that Instagram was planning on rolling out a feature that would help users be mindful of how much time they’re spending on the app.

While this feature has yet to go live, curious netizen Jane Manchun Wong has done some digging around in Instagram's API and discovered something interesting.

Here’s a sneakpeak at Instagram’s “Usage Insight” feature, also known as the “Time Well Spent” tool, that has yet to be rolled out to users.

Wong's screenshots show us what the feature may look like, if Instagram decides it's a go.

According to TechCrunch, ". . . this unlaunched version of Instagram’s Usage Insights tool offers users a daily tally of their minutes spent on the app. [Users will] be able to set a time spent daily limit, and get a reminder once they exceed that. There’s also a shortcut to manage Instagram’s notifications so the app is less interruptive."

Many of us would agree that a "Usage Insights" feature is a good idea, especially as we all know how easy it is to waste time scrolling through post after post on Instagram.

Let's hope this feature is rolled out sooner than later...

Do you think this feature would be helpful, when it comes to keeping track of how much time you spend on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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